Sewage disposal and treatment for Nyíregyháza and its region

Basic Data: 

Client: Local government of the City of Nyíregyháza (Nyíregyháza Megyei Jogú Város Önkormányzata)

Contractor: FIDIC Sárga LOT1-2 Nyírség Consortium, FIDIC Piros LOT1-2 KE-VÍZ 21 zRt, FIDIC Piros LOT3 TRIGON INVEST Ltd, FIDIC Piros LOT4 BONEX Ltd, FIDIC Piros LOT5 Nyíregyházáért 2009 Consortium

Construction budget: HUF

Project duration: 2009. -2015.


Project brief:

The aim of the project is to provide a long-term solution for the sewerage drainage of the Nyíregyháza agglomeration. The wastewater of the agglomeration is currently treated at the sewage treatment plant No. 1 in Nyíregyháza. The current level of sanitation in the agglomeration is 81%, and the project will increase this to almost 96%.


Composting Plant

Sewage treatment plant No.1 (Polyákbokor)

Construction technology:

A: Open trench laying KG-PVC Vitrified clay KPE pressure pipe

B: Lining: thin and thick-walled GRP lining


EUROUT Ltd. main tasks:

Carry out engineering and technical supervision, communication and PR tasks related to the project.

Handling demands, changes, continuous monitoring of the execution.