Engineering consulting

Highly skilled engineers with wide-ranging professional experience support the client in making the right decisions from the design and permitting stage of the project.

The aim is to find the most optimal technical solutions for the client's ideas, identify potential risks and reduce them to the absolute minimum.

Technical inspection

Under Government Decree No.191/2009 (IX.15.), the building inspector supports and monitors compliance with the related legislation, official regulations, standards, contracts, building permits and construction documentation.

During our activities, we check the construction activity, the correctness of the construction installation works, the integrity of the electronic construction logbook and its legal maintenance. (Observations of the contents entered and uploaded in the logbook, indication and checking for errors, deficiencies, discrepancies in the project diary)

We are also responsible for making proposals to the client for changes to the design justified by technical or economic needs; Carrying out verifications of the structures to be covered up, recording the data of the on-site inspections and tests and the necessary measures in the project diary; working on handover procedures; making proposals on technical matters and preparing the clien’s decisions.

Furthermore, we are responsible for verifying the contractor’s performance and the related financial accounts.

In addition to the legal requirements, our service also includes attending weekly on- site visits, conducting the cooperation, and preparing the minutes; on- demand, we increase the frequency of on-site inspections; do review of general and design contract; monthly, quarterly, and final reports; During the handover, compiling a list of errors (if there any) and proposing ways of fixing them; assisting in authority procedures.

Project management

The goal of our engineers, with decades of experience, are to ensuring complete the assigned project on time, within budget and expected quality.

It’s important for us to build trust with our clients right from the beginning. This is the key to sharing with us their goals and expected needs, for which our team will find the optimal options and technical solutions.

The client’s interest is our interest from preparation to completion.

Preparation, organisation, and implementation of project

Coordination of all parties involved in the project, full administration, engineering consulting. Communication support if required.

Coordination of planning

We coordinate the planning sub-areas, sectoral planners.

Tender management

We help you to prepare tender documents, evaluate and compare the proposals received. We participate in the pricing negotiations and propose the selection of the general contractor.

Coordination of implementation

During the management of the construction site, we coordinate the work of the disciplines building and installation works and organise the workflow. We ensure that the construction is carried out in accordance with the permissions, construction documents and official regulations.

In addition, we also pay extra attention to compliance with technological and safety regulations.

FIDIC engineering services

FIDIC is a French acronym for the International Federation of Consulting Engineers.

FIDIC is an organisation of international engineering consultants whose principles and guidelines are used in the development of most internationally financed projects.

The FIDIC system supports the implementation of public and municipal projects funded by European Union grants.

Plan review

During the plan review, the building to be built is examined not only from an aesthetic and functional point of view, but also from the economic, maintenance and operational sense. Therefore, our service works from the conceptual design phase.

The plan review is carried out from a technical sense. During the review, we examine the feasibility, the correctness of the technical aspects, the requirements in terms of content and form, the compliance with the Chambers regulations, legislation and building standards. We also examine clearness, coordinating sectoral plans, and compliance with the authorising authority.