Transport development

Fast, comfortable, and safe transport between and within countries is essential for economies to develop and function. The related projects affect our daily lives, their successful realization brings people closer together and their success is shared for all of us.

The European Union pays great attention to the modern, continued development and support of transport within and between Member States. In the course of our work, we have performed such tasks with excellence in many areas of transport and infrastructure (Road, Bridge, Highway, Electricity, Railway track, Metro) and currently we are involved in several transport development projects, from road reconstruction to inner port construction. Our experience and successes show that our team of experts is well prepared to deliver new transport and infrastructure development projects in a high professional standard on time.

Eurout’s most significant project now is the Engineering, Technical Inspection tasks to be carried out based on the concession laws awarded by the Hungarian Concession Infrastructure Development Ltd. for 35 years.

The most significant infrastructure and transport projects for our company in recent times have been:

  • Independent engineering and technical supervision for the construction of the Szekszárd – Bóly – Pécs section of the M6-M60 concession motorway.
  •  Engineering supervision of the Debrecen tramway network development (line 2) and the DKV Zrt. Construction of the vehicle depot hall in Salétrom street and renovation of the existing hall facilities.
  • Engineering tasks related to the construction of the M85 Enese – Csorna section between 13+800-20+800 km, as well as technical assistance in the preparation and carrying out of the procurement procedure for the project.
  • 8. Main Road Várpalota bypass between sections 23+900 – 29+700 km, the performance of engineering tasks on the construction of the road, bridge and related facilities, and the performance of independent engineering and technical supervision tasks related to the construction of the Pétfürdő junction (between sections 29+700 – 33+100 km).
  • A full range of management and technical supervision tasks related to constructions – Full range of management and technical supervision tasks related to the construction of road projects in Budapest.
  • M35 motorway between Debrecen and Berettyóújfalu, and the sections of the 481 main road and the M4 motorway between Berettyóújfalu and the border of the country, and their related structures, as well as the engineering tasks during the construction of the Berettyóújfalu Motorway Engineering Depot (Berettyóújfalui Autópálya Mérnökségi telep) and police Station.
  •  Technical supervision and engineering tasks related to the construction works of the four-pressure upgrade of the main road No. 21 between sections 35+000 – 39+700 km on section IV of the Nógrád county.
  • Engineering tasks related to the construction works of the 2×2 lane expressway R67 Kaposfüred and Látrány bypasses of the M7 motorway between Kaposvár and Kaposvár.
  • Construction of the M1 motorway, left lane and related project, Autohof Óbarok (Rest area for truck drivers). Providing technical inspection services for construction.
  •  M4 Abony (East) – Törökszentmiklós (West) section (Szolnok northern bypass) with the construction of a new Tisza bridge. Performing engineering tasks during the construction works.
  • Monitoring of road management activities in the national road network.
  • Technical inspection of the Cegléd-Nagykőrös cycle path construction.

Water industry

The role and importance of water is constantly increasing due to the rapid effects of climate change, and the importance of uninterrupted water supply, water management, aquifer defence and protection against extreme weather and precipitation is growing, so we are paying particular attention to such projects and their successful realization. Following the recent large wastewater related investments supported by the European Union, further investments in wastewater treatment, drinking water, stormwater, flood prevention and agriculture are of great importance to build complete water utility network, to meet water requirements and to prevent situations and damages caused by extreme weather conditions and periodically high intensity rainfall.

  • Carrying out engineering and technical supervision, as well as information and PR tasks in the framework of the wastewater disposal and treatment project of Nyíregyháza and its region.
  • Performing the tasks of engineering (FIDIC) and providing technical supervision for the realization of the development the sewerage network and wastewater treatment plant of Nagykanizsa agglomeration.
  • Development of landscape management infrastructure in the Bereg, including the Bereg Flood Control AND Floodplain-Revitalisation project. FIDIC Engineering and technical supervision.

Environmental protection

In addition to professional work, the most important goal is to protect our nature, to create harmony between the built environment and to continuously improve living conditions and safety. Thus, such projects are not just a task, but also a mission, the real results of which are not seen when the project is successfully completed, but in the long term. Our work to date (Revegetation, remediation, small watercourse revitalisation, environmental impact assessments) is based on these aspects, and we are continuously developing the skills and resources needed for the current and upcoming projects. It is important to minimise the ecological footprint of the projects we develop, to guarantee a healthy planet for the tomorrow's generations.

  • Integration of communal landfills in 27 municipalities into the natural environment in the framework of the Szeged Regional Waste Management project for the remediation of municipal landfills in Szeged.
  • Environmental remediation of the Taszári barracks.
  • Developing a complex habitat protection infrastructure along the Tápió river, including the realization of the related tools and embankments. Also, the technical supervision of dredging.

Structural and civil engineering

Our team have extensive experience in tender consultancy, FIDIC consultancy, claims management, change management, contract management, engineering consultancy, project management, design, design control, and engineering and technical auditing. In the implementation of our structural and civil engineering projects, we always pay particular attention to the time frame, the planned costs, and the risks to the project, while monitoring and ensuring the quality of the workmanship. Our primary objective is to ensure that the goals and interests of the client are met through timely, professional intervention and continuous attention, thus helping to ensure the successful implementation of the project. Professional and careful structural engineering is inseparable and preventive part of civil engineering, because without a secure foundation, there is no quality.

  • In the project of the Science Experience Park of Debrecen Botanical Garden, we carried out technical supervision during the construction of the Palace of Sciences, the creation of a lake, educational trail, information, cashier and porter’s lodge, external utilities, the renovation of the Laboratory Animal Core Facility and the renovation and conversion of the Observatory building.
  • Full technical inspection for the Eger courthouse and the Chief Prosecution Office of Heves County, as well as the supervision of the reconstruction and the expansion of the Law House.
  • Technical supervision of the construction works necessary for the realization of the Tulip House (Tulipános Ház) project in Tatabánya for touristic purposes.
  • Technical supervision of the construction of the Nádasdy Castle in Nádasdladány for tourism purposes.
  • We provided complex project management, engineering consultancy, construction, technical inspection, risk analysis and assistance for related services, implementation and technical inspection works in the framework of the Ludovika University of Public Service, Campus, Education Building, Equestrian Centre and Park, Special Training Building tender.
  • Full technical supervision of the construction of two newly built production halls in Salgótarján (structure, frame, mechanical and electrical works)
  • In the framework of the Balatonalmádi, Hunguest Hotel Bál Resort Wellness and Conference Hotel development project, renovation of the entire building complex, we provided supervision for the structural, technical, building services, road, and utility works.
  • In Felcsút, Youth sports accommodation construction tender, during the construction of the new hotel building with a total area of approximately 5064 m2 we provided technical supervision of the structural, technical, and related utility, road construction and landscaping works.

Special engineering facilities

Our professional team has extensive experience in planning, construction, and implementation, so we can also take on special and unique construction projects. Our successes prove that our team can perform their tasks with a high level of skill and safety in specialised areas of construction.

Although special challenges and tasks involve higher than average risks with thorough and careful methods combined with our experiences, we can realize special projects efficiently. Our own knowledge base may not always be enough, and we may need to consult with additional experts, but our vast network of contacts gained in the company’s more than 30-year career ensures that we have the resources to handle specific tasks that most organizations are not prepared for. The success and experience we have gained from projects proves that our team, together with the help of outsiders, can perform tasks in specialised areas of the construction industry with unquestionable professionalism and safety.

  • Performed project management tasks were performed during the decontamination of the Üröm-Csókavár gas cleaning karst mass mine cavity contaminated with hazardous waste to ensure the completion of the goal on time.
  • Győr-Gönyű National Public Port Infrastructural Development project: Engineering and technical supervision of the river wall, retaining wall, railway network, road network, floating plant, service station building and other types of facilities.