Ludovika Campus - Construction of new facilities for the University of Public Service

Basic Data: 

Client: University of Public Service / Főber Zrt.

Contractor: W-E-P CAMPUS Konzorcium ZÁÉV Építőipari Zrt. / Magyar Építő Zrt.

Budget: 9 940 000 000 HUF

Start/end of works: 01.03.2017 / 30.09.2019.

Project brief:

Within the framework of the Ludovika Campus project, the construction new buildings and renovations of existing ones, together with the rehabilitation of the park, was carried out in the 26-hectare Orczy Park. Following the reconstruction of the main building and the construction of a new dormitory building, the New Education Building (Új Oktatási Épület) and the renovation of the equestrian facility were completed.


At the same time, the RTK building complex in the Diószegi Sámuel Street was constructed, which is connected to the park territory in a closed way by a pedestrian bridge. The project also included the development of a sports centre and the renovation of the leisure facilities around the lake.

Main tasks of Eurout Ltd:

Within the framework of the project, our company joined the construction of the New Education Building (Új Oktatási Épület), with a surface area of approximately 20,000 m2, and took over the engineering tasks. At the same time our company provided the mechanical – electrical technical inspection of the RTK – Special Education Building. Furthermore, providing technical supervision and executive engineering for all sections of the renovation. The entire park and renovation of the Equestrian facility.