Győr-Gönyű Országos Közforgalmú Kikötő infrastrukturális továbbfejlesztése

Basic Data: 

Client: North Transdanubian Water Management Directorate (Észak-dunántúli Vízügyi Igazgatóság)

Contractor: A-Híd Zrt., Swietelsky Vasúttechnika Ltd., Mészáros és Mészáros Ltd.

Construction budget: 8 000 000 000 HUF

Project duration: 2015.09.14. / 2017.02.01.


Project brief:

The construction of a vertical river wall more than 600 m in length on the existing paved and unpaved embankment below the harbour, and the filling of the entire area with 260 000 m3, with five new berths made of anchored vertical steel walls. A new crane track and the construction of railway tracks in the immediate vicinity of the riverside. Reinforced concrete angle walls were built to separate the eastern and southern sides of the fill.


To create the necessary conditions for the construction and to ensure that the port is suitable for navigation and for its intended use, dredging works were carried out more than 140 000 m3.


In line with the port development strategy, part of the existing road network had to be modified and new ones had to be built.


In the framework of the project, the realized Green terminal (port) will enable commercial vessels to dispose of liquid and solid waste generated on board in compliance with the legislation and in an environmentally friendly way.

An important part of the Green Terminal is the 13.50 m long, 5.68 m wide, steel-framed floating structure weighing approximately 25 tons, which is in slots on the new river wall therefore it does not interrupt the line of the river wall and therefore does not interfere with shipping traffic.


To have trimodal network, the existing railway track was extended along the river wall and new sidings were constructed.


A Service Station constructed to monitor the port functions defined in the construction project. The building, with a ground-space of approximately 600 m2, is located within the port, in the Green Terminal area, surrounded by 1800 m2 of landscaped area. The building consists of two main functional parts. A technological block perpendicular to the Mosoni-Danube and an office block parallel to the Mosoni-Danube.


In addition to the above facilities, the utilities (gas connection, industrial water supply, drinking water system, sewage disposal, storm drainage, area lighting, railway lighting, electricity network, communications, antenna tower) have also been constructed.


EUROUT Ltd. main tasks:

Perform engineering and full engineering supervision of the project.