Development of the Nádasdy Mansion for tourism

Basic Data: 

Client: NÖF National Heritage Protection and Development Non-profit Ltd.

Contractor: MERKBAU Építőipari és Kereskedelmi Ltd (Merkbau ZRT)

Budget: 1 200 000 000 HUF

Start/end of works: 06.06.2018 / 2020.


Project brief:

During the project we renovated all floors of the “castle wing” of the building. Base and wall reinforcements at basement level. The brick walls insulated using a wall-drying method in the basement and at the plinth level. 


In the wing of the castle, the building structures were freed from mushrooms. Following strictly the guidelines of the expert opinion about indoor fungus. 


The building’s (previously demolished) conservatory constructed, based on historical photos and research.


All the stone stairs, ornaments and mosaic tiles have been renovated. As well as the cast-iron handrails attached to each staircase.


Also, the impressive library room and the sumptuous wall and furniture of the “Hall of ancestors”. Missing furniture restored according to archive photos.


All the rooms in the castle wing were renovated as part of the finishing works. As part of the tourism measure, a café has been built, together with its service facilities.


The entire block of building engineering wing has been renewed, including the water and pipework, the electrical network, heating, and ventilation. Most of the mains were installed in a newly constructed reinforced concrete duct system, which was installed below the basement level.


26-hectare park of the castle has been renovated. The artificial lake, which had previously dried up, has been restored to a functioning state, with an associated water filling and drainage system. An irrigation network has been installed and the water utilities within the park have been improved.


The ballast stone driveway around the entrance has been renovated and new plantings (flowers, shrubs, trees) have been placed around it.


In some areas of the park, different attractions have been placed for visitors to enjoy. These include the swing park and the swing islands. In these places, various swing beds and hammocks and huts were placed on suitable trees.

Main tasks of Eurout Ltd:

Carrying out technical inspection.

Inspection of additional works