Debrecen tram network improvement (line 2)

“Debrecen tram network development (line 2) major project – Construction of the new line 2 of the Debrecen tramways” major project. DKV Zrt. Construction of a covered vehicle depot on Salétrom Street and renovation of existing hall facilities.


Basic Data: 

Client: Municipality of Debrecen (Consortium Leader) and DKV Debreceni Közlekedési Zrt. (Consortium Member)

Contractor: Atk Korzorcium Ltd. (KEVIÉP Kft. TÓTH T.D. Mérnökiroda Ltd. ARCADOM Építőipari Ltd.)

Construction budget: HUF 21 600 000 000

Project duration: 11.03.2010 – 12.06.2014.


Project brief:

  • construction of a tramlines
  • construction of turnout
  • construction of a new tram depot
  • buildings /modification of tram depot
  • developing technical infrastructure
  • landscaping
  • vehicle acquisition
  • Urban environment, conventional technology
  • Continuous cooperation activities, occasional communication tasks, based on instructions from the Client.
  • Participation in the worksite transfer.
  • Technical supervision of construction works.
  • Continuous monitoring of contractor performance and its accounting.
  • Assessment of the justification for additional work
  • Participation in the technical delivery.
  • Participation in the commissioning procedures of the NKH
  • Correction of defects and incompleteness covered by warranty repairs.
  • Preparation of necessary documentations (e.g., Progress Report), for Project Implementation Unit (PIU).
  • Certificate of evidence for the financial closure, capitalization, the Project completion.

EUROUT Ltd. main tasks:

  • Rails construction: 9 km
  • Switch construction: 37 pcs
  • Construction of overhead line: 9 km
  • Road construction in urban environment: 4848m3 
  • Construction of decorative paving: 2000m2 
  • Sidewalk construction: 2000m2 
  • Utilities development: 52463m
  • Construction of electricity network: 4385m
  • Power cable network: 66km
  • Building/tram depot renovation: 2450 m2
  • Construction of new tram depot: 4550 m2
  • Setting up tram stop starting equipment
  • Building a tram transport advantage (control of road traffic lights)
  • Installation of line passenger information equipment
  • Deployment of remote energy control
  • Installation of public and work area lighting on the tram line
  • Landscaping