Environment Protection

On the basis of our experience in environmental projects, special emphasis is laid on the development of our professional qualifications and equipment, introduction of new disciplines, and the strict compliance with more and more severe requirements.

In the course of implementing environmental projects the most important aim is to protect the environment and the natural resources, to harmonize the built environment and the natural flora and fauna, to ensure safety for everyday life, and to improve life conditions on a continuous basis. Therefore such projects do not simply represent a specific duty but are also considered as a mission, the success of which is not delivered upon the completion of the project but in many cases only years later.

We have rendered our services for these projects (recultivation of waste disposal sites, environmental remediation, revitalization of small streams, environmental impact assessment reports) with careful consideration of these aims and are accordingly and continuously developing our qualifications and equipment required for the new projects.


Water Utilities

Due to the impacts of the ever-accelerating climate changes, water is gaining a more and more important role and significance. Thus uninterrupted water supply, water management, protection of water resources and protection against extreme weather conditions and precipitation are also becoming more and more important. Accordingly, special emphasis is laid on such projects and their successful completion.

Recently high significance has been attributed to projects relating to wastewater, drinking water, precipitation water, flood protection and agriculture that follow large-scale wastewater projects funded by the European Union. The aim of these follow-up projects is to create complete water utility systems, meet the demand for water, and prevent situations and damages relating to extreme weather conditions and high-intensity precipitation, ensure safety.

Our experience in such projects (sewer pipelines, wastewater treatment, improvement of drinking water quality, flood protection), as well as the high level of professional qualifications ensure the successful implementation of projects relating to water utilities, which represent greater and greater challenges.



Fast, comfortable and safe transportation within and among countries is the precondition of the efficient operation and development of the economy. The related projects have an impact on everyday life, their implementation brings us all closer to one another and can be considered as our mutual success.

The European Union lay special emphasis on the up-to-date, continuous development of and support for transportation within and among the member states. During implementation of such projects we have accurately performed duties in almost all disciplines of transportation engineering (road, bridge, highway construction, tram, railway and metro line construction). In addition we are currently involved in several transportation development projects ranging from road reconstruction to river harbors. Our experience and success achieved so far prove that our professional team is prepared to accomplish such duties for recently launched transportation development projects in line with high professional standards, while meeting the required deadline and quality.


Building Engineering

In the course of implementing building engineering projects risks relating to deadlines, planned costs and quality issues are always addressed with special care. Thus the goals and interests of our Clients, as well as the successful completion of the projects are achieved by expert intervention and continuous care and monitoring.

The most important prerequisites for the success of building engineering projects include thoughtful and accurate coordination of consecutive and inter-related work processes and the activities of relevant various disciplines, as well as the strict compliance with quality requirements on a continuous basis. Our experts have proven that they have proper professional qualifications in this respect as well and appropriate meticulous care is taken to meet such conditions. Our experience gained and success achieved in building engineering projects implemented with our participation confirm that our expert team can reliably and safely perform duties to high standards in all disciplines.


Special Engineering Facilities

Our qualified team has significant professional experience in design, construction and project management thus we undertake to render services relating to special and unique construction projects as well. Our success achieved in such projects confirm that our experts can safely perform duties to high standards also in special construction disciplines.

Although such special duties and challenges tend to involve higher-than-average risks, our skills, qualifications, experience and our thorough and careful work provide sound assistance for all parties participating in a project to achieve success. In some cases the qualifications and experience of our expert team may not be fully sufficient to perform duties and further experts may need to be involved. The professional relations we have established during previous projects, however, ensure that we are able to confidently undertake to carry out special duties as well in case of which other companies may not be fully competent. Our experience gained and success achieved in special engineering projects confirm that our expert team, in close cooperation with outside experts, can reliably and safely perform duties requiring special skills to high standards.