Establishment of EUROUT Ltd.

EUROUT Ltd. was established in 1991 by Hungarian partners, employing engineers mainly with significant experience in the application of FIDIC contracts abroad. Since then our company has become one of the most important engineering organizations in Hungary based on the number of employees, our professional qualification and competence and engineering services provided so far by our expert team.

Owing to our versatile and highly qualified experts we are able to flexibly and promptly adapt to the ever-changing market needs.

Our credo:

“Let us acknowledge today’s world, prepare ourselves to measure up to it and do our job with honor, heart and wit.”

                                                                 István Marokházi

                                                                Managing Director



From Emerging Ideas to Operation of Facilities

EUROUT Ltd. have been performing various duties in relation to the implementation of construction projects since 1991, ranging from the emerging ideas through project preparation, management and construction supervision, to the operation of the completed facilities.

Quarter-century experience in investment programmes and tendering schemes

In the past 25 years we had the opportunity to familiarize with the rules and difficulties of consecutive investment programmes and tendering schemes. This extensive experience ensures significant support for our Clients in obtaining strict compliance with time-wise and financial restrictions often encountered during project implementation, in performing project management duties, and providing correct, prompt and efficient solution for problems emerging in the process.

Experience in the application of FIDIC contracts

Apart from projects financed by PHARE, the World Bank and the European Union, our company also performed Engineer duties for several projects financed by domestic resources. Out of those a significant number of such projects were implemented using FIDIC contract forms and full scope of project management and Engineer services were provided accordingly, which represented some of the first cases of FIDIC based contracts in Hungary. In addition our colleagues widely contributed to introduce FIDIC contracts into domestic practice and to provide related training.

Extensive experience in special construction projects, tunnel construction

EUROUT Ltd. being the majority shareholder in EUROMETRO Engineer Ltd. has been playing a prominent role in implementing the Budapest Metro 4 Line and providing related project management services. In the course of this outstanding project the significant experience of our experts in tunnel construction proved to be indispensable.

Projects completed successfully by EUROUT Ltd. validate our experience covering almost all disciplines, preparatory and implementation phases and duties of construction projects:

  • Road, bridge, highway and tunnel construction and operation
  • Tram and railway track construction and reconstruction
  • Metro line construction and reconstruction
  • Building engineering
  • Sewer and sewage plant construction
  • Industrial and special engineering facilities
  • Waste management facilities
  • Environmental remediation, recultivation
  • Environmental impact assessment reports
  • Drinking water supply systems and water purification
  • Technical, financial supervision and consulting duties
  • Public procurement
  • IT services

Our Qualified and Reliable Expert Team

Various professional duties for our projects are performed primarily by our team of experts employed by EUROUT Ltd. Our Clients can confidently rely on these experts any time of the day, at any location within or even outside of Hungary.

International Certifications

When performing duties to high standards EUROUT Ltd. lay special emphasis on the professional development of employees, as well as the continuous development of the company organization, and compliance with the requirements set out in international standards regarding quality assurance, management, environmental, health and safety issues, IT security.

This aim is assisted and guided by the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2008, MSZ EN ISO 14001:2004, MSZ 28001:2008, MSZ EN ISO 27001:2006 certifications and the Management Information System introduced in 2015.